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Rules & Regulations Pre Sea Courses

  • The Standing Rules and regulations of the Academy shall be binding on all students.
    This may be changed without prior intimation to the students.
  • Gold ornaments or other valuable items or any kind of electrical apparatus are not allowed to be kept.
  • Cadets are not allowed to keep more than about Rs. 500/- in cash with them. Excess cash should be deposited with the cashier and can be withdrawn in lots of Rs. 500/-.
  • Uniform is to be worn at all times during training. Hence, very few civilian clothes are to be brought. In case any student found not in the proper uniform, he has to Penalize for the day.
  • Cadets are permitted ‘shore leave’ in uniform only on Sundays between 07.00 and 20.00 hours.
  • Cadets are not allowed to stay out of the campus at night under any circumstances. Parents are instructed not to make any request for the same.
  • Visitors are permitted only on Sundays between 09.00 and 18.00 hours.
  • The use of tobacco and alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Academy. If the candidate is found in alcoholic condition or under drug effect, this would cause immediate rustication from the Academy. The Academy’s decision in this case will be final. No appeal against the decision will entertained from parents or guardians.
  • Long hair, moustaches and beards are not allowed during the period of training. Sikh candidates are exempted from this.
  • The following are prohibited in the hostel
    • Illegal drugs
    • Gambling
    • Fire arms of any kind
    • Knives
    • Pets or livesock of any description
  • Special area has been earmarked for Cadets to meet their guests. Guests wishing to meet the cadets are to approach the course instructor / Course Officer (during off work hours). The cadets will be informed, whilst the guest wait in the guest waiting area. Under no circumstances the guest are to proceed to the hostel rooms / class rooms.
  • In case if the student withdrawing from the course in between the Completion period of the course, he has to pay entire amount of the concern course fees. (Either withdrawing himself or rusticated due to major offence).
  • In case of damage or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students if identified It will be individual otherwise all the student of the hostel room (Individual area) decided by the associate warden.
  • The use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters, electric stove/ heaters / electric iron are forbidden in any of the rooms allotted for residence. Private cooking in the hostels / student’s room is strictly forbidden. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and a fine will also be imposed.
  • When the students go out of their room they should switch off all the electrical / electronic appliances, and keep it locked (at all times). Violation will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by authorities.
  • Not attending classroom lectures without permission will result in Violation will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by authorities.
  • In case the applicant withdraw from the course before commencement of the course or does not report on the day of commencement of course. I or we shall not ask for any refund or transfer of any fees.
  • The college is not responsible if any student/parents paying any money to any agent for admission or placement.
  • All payments must be made in college, at the college counter only and receipts to be obtained for all payments.
  • Disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.